Together Through 2019: what’s coming up from Dylan.


Let’s have a quick look ahead at what’s coming this year in the world of Bob Dylan.

First up is Trapper Schoepp’s album “Primetime Illusion”. The album is already released and came out on January 25th. This album includes the Dylan co-write “On, Wisconsin”. You can read about the track and have a listen to this and another track here.

For those of you who may be interested in this, Michael Bolton also had a new album coming “A Symphony Of Hits” on February 8, 2019. This includes newly recorded versions of his greatest hits with a complete orchestra. The album includes a newly recorded version of “Steel Bars”, his 1985 Dylan co-write. Once again you can read about the track here. It is a song that I always disliked, but after reading Tony’s review of the track I gained a new appreciation of the song’s lyrics (Bolton’s over the top singing and production is another matter entirely). Hopefully this version will improve on some of the tracks short comings.

Coming in March is a new album by Jack Savoretti “Singing To Strangers”. This includes a new Dylan co-write titled “Touchy Situation”. A review of this song will be coming soon as it becomes available. There is a 15 track deluxe edition as well as signed edition exclusive to Amazon.

Savoretti has already recorded a great version of Nobody ‘Cept You on a previous album. Here is a live version of his take on the track:


Another album due out early this year is by Bear And A Banjo. So far the title and release date is unknown. However it will include the Dylan co-written track “Gone But Not Forgetten”.  This was discovered by Untold-Dylan last year and reviewed here. Several articles have sprung up including the original Untold-Dylan lyrics!

Coming to Netflix this year is the new documentary movie – “Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese”. Whilst there is no official release date yet, it is known that Bob did record a new interview for the film, and there is a rumour that there will be a soundtrack CD available, with the possibility that this will be the next Bootleg Series release.

As I don’t want to speculate on the possibility of a new Dylan studio album that’s about it for now…anyone know of any other interesting releases coming this year please note in the comments below.

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  1. I got to hear Dylan sing Nobody Except You name? live in 74. It was in Chicago or Bloomington, IN. one of the shows. it was OK. Should have been on the record though. not a great song by Dylan standards. but OK. He sings anything pretty well. I also got to hear him sing, Moon River, in Indiana the night after Stevie Ray Vaughn died. I think he has sung it again since. But it was very good. But i think Dylan was on narcotics again. Stood with him outside for about an hour and he was very strange. Looked grey. Not well. Surprised he’s still alive. would like to hear another studio record. I’m sure he has it in him. But his songs get murkier and have little mass appeal. Written from Xanadu.

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