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“When the ship comes in.” Bob Dylan as a prophet of vengeance and a better life to come.

By Tony Attwood This review updated July 2018, with the addition of one of Dylan’s rare outings for the song, and two totally different renditions linked at the end. Amidst all the moral relativism of Dylan, all the references to … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan’s Maggie’s Farm. 3 very different versions; but why play it so often?

By Tony Attwood (revised March 2013 and again June 2018) Between 1965 and 2009 Bob Dylan performed Maggie’s Farm 1051 times on stage – often as an opening song; an interesting outcome for a song that was a last minute … Continue reading

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Don’t think twice by Bob Dylan. Looking back to 1962 and a beautiful live version

This article was updated in May 2018. This song is based on the folk song “Who’s gonna buy you ribbons” which has both music and some lyrics that closely resemble Bob’s song. This version recorded in 1960 was made by … Continue reading

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Dylan’s “She Belongs to Me”: never has a 12 bar blues sounded more beautiful

by Tony Attwood, updated 5 August 2018 with additional video links. Of course you never know with Dylan, but it is hard to put any interpretation on “She Belongs to Me” other than that it is about a child – … Continue reading

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