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Who killed Davey Moore: an exploration of Dylan’s meanings

By Tony Attwood Updated 8 September 2017 Dylan was clearly taken by the death of Davey Moore in that he wrote and then performed this song three weeks after the death.  But was he moved by the events?  But then … Continue reading

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Dylan’s “Series of Dreams” complete with the missing verse & a brilliant alternate version.

by Tony Attwood Note: This article was Updated July 2018 with 3 recordings added including the version with the “extra” verse.  But since then all the versions with the extra verse have been removed from the internet as far as … Continue reading

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Foot of Pride: Bob Dylan’s rambling masterpiece which tears us limb from limb

By Tony Attwood Writing the second version of this review it struck me what a curious mixture of songs Bob wrote in 1983.  Here is the sequence of composing, as far as it can be put together, around the time … Continue reading

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“When the ship comes in.” Bob Dylan as a prophet of vengeance and a better life to come.

By Tony Attwood This review updated July 2018, with the addition of one of Dylan’s rare outings for the song, and two totally different renditions linked at the end. Amidst all the moral relativism of Dylan, all the references to … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan’s “Idiot Wind”: the meaning of the music and the lyrics

By Tony Attwood There can be few opening chord sequences as distinctive as Dylan’s minor-4th, 5th, Tonic sequence which opens “Idiot Wind”. And there can be few opening lines to a song as distinctive as “Someone’s got it in for … Continue reading

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Blind Willie McTell: the meaning behind Bob Dylan’s song

Blind Willie McTell This review updated 8 October 2016 including the addition of the link to the Dylan recording of the electric version of this song – see the end of the review, and some further thoughts on the lack … Continue reading

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