Dont let anyone write your stories: episode three – Rob Berretta

By Tony Attwood

So busy was I trying to work out my solution to these strange lyrics that I stupidly missed the fact that Rob Berretta had also supplied a copy.  Clearly I’m getting too old for this publishing lark.  Fulsome apologies Rob.

I love this version, so it does deserve a mention on its own.

Here’s Rob’s website

The lyrics are below

Don’t let anyone write your story
Write a story of your own
The greatest thing we have to live for
Is seeking the unknown

Don’t let anyone write your story
Or tell you how to love
Save it for the one who really loves you
Or as written in the stars above

I am just the humble one
Coming home from work when the day is done
But it’s love and lovin’ that makes the world go ’round
Here with both feet on the ground

Don’t let anyone write your story
Nowadays it’s not that hard
Don’t let anyone write your story
I’m still not too old to do the job

One comment

  1. this one is fantastic! I really like it! Great melody and fantastic singing, really makes the lyrics work. Sounds very mid-60s..which is probably when it was written judging by Dylan’s publishing company used on the copyright.

    Love it, love it, love it

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