Bob Dylan Showcase: Dylan PL – Arlekin and Blind Willie

By Tony Attwood

One of the great things about running a blog like this is that one never quite knows what happens next.

Of course you might say that since I am the publisher I damn well ought to know what happens next, but there is a real joy in allowing the readership to determine where we go.  Ideas emerge, possibilities are put forward and we try them and see what happens.

The people whose names you see at the top of articles were not in any way our friends when Pat and I started this venture, but they have found us, and have turned the vague idea of what Untold Dylan might become, into a reality.

And what is so wonderful (from my perspective at least) is that many of our writers are not from the UK.  OK Dylan is American, so we might expect some American writers as well, especially since we speak something akin to the same language, but we have writers from all over the world, including those for whom English is not the first language.

Thus we have learned, among many other things, something of what it is like to be coming to terms with Dylan in a foreign tongue (foreign for us that is), and the issue of translating Dylan into another language.

Which is the case with Filip Łobodziński who has contributed a series of articles for us relating to Bob Dylan and Poland.

And of course it is right that Filip’s band should have a place in the Bob Dylan Showcase.

In case you have not been here before, let me explain: this is a place where any reader can submit a recording made by themselves which is either a Dylan song, or is in some way influenced by the music of Dylan.

A list of some of the music we’ve had submitted is at the end – and you’ll see (or rather hear) at once how incredibly varied the submissions are.

Now we go even further as we have with Arlekin (Jokerman) described by Filip as “voodoo tinged”.

And second what Filip has described to me as a “New Orleans meets Tom Waits” version of Blind Willie McTell.

If you are interested in Filip Łobodziński’s work you might also enjoy

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