Bob Dylan And The DylavincI Code (Part IX)


By Larry Fyffe

Whether ‘The Dylavinci Code’ be considered burlesque, or a valid interpretation of Dylan’s interconnected songs, denied it cannot be that many of his song lyrics emanate sparks of light into the dark, gloomy world of existence.

The Code covers the story of Mary Magdalene – she’s the Holy Ghost of the Unknowable Godhead; she pairs up with her bridegroom Jesus Christ, and together they send light from the Sun, and the light reflected from the Moon, down upon Earth that’s full of bad company.

Mary is the Gnostic-styled personification of Wisdom; she’s bears Sophia- they’re “the most lovely flowers in all of womenhood” (I crossed The Rubicon).

The  Commander-In-Chief, the Father of All, gives the Order, “Get Smart!”:

Get wisdom, get understanding; forget me not
Neither decline from the words of my mouth
Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee
Love her, and she shall keep thee
(Proverbs 4: 5)

Transfigured sometimes into Jesus Christ; at other times into Julius Caesar (Caesar not only crossed the Rubicon, he conquers Egypt in the ‘Battle of the Nile’), Dylan unlocks the secret spider-webbed, wooden door of the Sphinx that leads to Magdalene’s burial chamber.

He turns the key, pulls back the lid of a sepulchre; therein lies the Holy Ghost of Mary; beside hers, another that holds the ghost of her only begotten daughter.

A good Poe-detective deduction is that the “dead-or-alive”Jesus placed both of those bodies there.

So revealed in the deciphered Dylavinci Code:

I feel the Holy Spirit inside
See the light that freedom brings
I believe it's in the reach of 
Every man who lives
It's the darkest 'fore the dawn ... O Lord
I turned the key, broke it off
And I crossed the Rubicon
(Crossing The Rubicon)

There are those among us who claim that the Dylavinci Code is actually a confessional “murder ballad”.

For starters, we don’t know for sure which side of Nero’s “Neptune”Joan Baez sails on.

But, dear reader, I can’t think for you – you’ll have to decide –

was Jesus Christ on God’s side?



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    I feel the Holy Spirit inside
    See the light that feedom gives
    I believe it it’s in the reach of every man who lives
    Keep as far away as possible
    It’s darkest ‘fore the dawn

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