Dylan covers of the day No 5. Apple Suckling and Are you Ready.

By Tony Attwood+

If you have been following my daily ramble about cover versions, you’ll know that I’m working through Dylan’s songs alphabetically, and am finding lots of songs that no one seems ever to have covered (apart from the valiant home recordists with a youtube account).

One such is Any Time – it is sitting there, it could be evolved and developed, but no one wants to give it a go.  Which is a shame.

So we march onward,  and next is Apple Suckling Tree

which is ok but not actually setting me alight.  However it is the only cover I can find on the internet for this song.

So always being a rebel, even when I write the rules, I’m marching on and the next song is “Are you Ready”, and although the subject is not something that fits in with my own universal view the music is really something else.

Thus my second cover of the day.  (I would say two for the price of one but there is no price so that would be nonsense.)

More tomorrow.

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