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 I don’t know what it means either: an index to the current series appearing on this website.

Once or twice: A review of some of the songs that Bob has performed just once or twice on stage, selecting those of which we have either a live recording or failing that something of interest to offer Text and video selection by Tony Attwood.


Sally Sue Brown appeared on Down in the Groove and according to the official Dylan site was performed live twice in April 1992.  It was written by Arthur Alexander, (1940-1993), also known as June Alexander for reasons that will not become clear at this time.  Aaron wrote an article about the song a couple of years ago for the other people’s songs series, and I really enjoyed discovering it then.  And since it fits in here too…

We have a recording from the Seattle performance that year.

As you can hear it is quite a rocker, and it sounds to me like a song Bob could easily have grown into and seriously enjoyed playing, as well as keeping the audience happy, but those two performances were all the song got.

But it did make it onto the album… and complete with a backing female voice

The song was first recorded in July 1960 by June Alexander (real name Arthur Bernard Alexander, Jr), and it is worth a listen.

I am fascinated by this.  Bob chose the song to put on the album, played it twice, and then… nothing.  I mean if it was good enough for the album (which it clearly is) why leave it at just two performances.

But still, this is Bob.

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