Bob Dylan and the Bible, an index

Untold Dylan: The Biblical Index


This is one of a number of indexes offered by Untold Dylan, in this case an index of articles that cite specific Biblical references in relation to Dylan’s compositions.

A list of the various indexes we have prepared is here

In each case the relevant book of the Bible is cited with a link to the relevant article on this site.

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Bob Dylan And Charles Baudelaire (Part III)

Luke 11:13

Bob Dylan And Arthur Rimbaud (Part II)

Luke 23:28

Bob Dylan For Dummies

Isaiah  24:12; 25:1,2

Bob Dylan And Lucifer

Luke 6:31
Isaiah 14:12

Bob Dylan And The Angel With Four Faces

Genesis 7:10
Ezekiel 1:10
Revelations 6:12;18:9

Bob Dylan: The Circus Is In Town

I Corinthians 9:25
I Thessalonians 2:19
II Timothy 4:18
James 1:12
I Peter 5:4

Bob Dylan And Lord Buckley (Part II)

Matthew 7:21

Bob Dylan And Edward Taylor (Part II)

Jeremiah 1:16

Bob Dylan And Edward Taylor  (Part III)
II Corinthians 4:6;12:9

Bob Dylan And Johnny Appleseed (Part I)

Genesis 2:16,17

Bob Dylan: Strength In The Things That Remains

Revelation 3:2

Bob Dylan And Metonymy

II Kings 2:11
Mark 14:10
John 19:1,2

Bob Dylan And Mark Twain (Part II)

Genesis 4:1,2,8
John 5: 35,36

Take What You Have From Coincidence (Part II)

Genesis 4:2

Bob Dylan And Mark Twain (Part III)

Genesis 4:25; 6:14,19

Bob Dylan’s Little Cabin In The Rain

Genesis 13:8

Dylanesque RhymeTwist: Hardin And Hardy (Part II)

Acts 16: 25, 26

Bob Dylan And The Symbols Of Aĺchemy: Birds of Pray

Matthew 6:20-23
John 11:41-44

Bob Dylan: Maybe Someday You’ll Understand

Joel 2:31
II Corinthians 4:11

Bob Dylan And A Spoonful Of Fire

II Kings 2:11

Bob Dylan: Songs Of Hope And Fear

Song Of Solomon 1:7
Ezekiel 38:15

Nettie Moore Synesthesia In Bob Dylan’s Song Lyrics (Part II)

Song Of Solomon 5:13

Bob Dylan And Emily Dickinson

Genesis 3:4,5,6

Bob Dylan: His Gotham Ingress Revisited

Mark 16:1,5

Bob Dylan: Symbolism Of The Lion

Genesis 49:9
Psalm 36:11,12

Bob Dylan, William Blake, And The Eagles

Revelations 17:4,7

Cool Hand Bob

Mark 15:34
Luke 1:27
Acts 1:11

Bob Dylan Crosses The Mississippi

Deuteronomy 32:51,52
Luke 9:54

Bob Of Irony

Matthew 10:34

We are aware from correspondence both from academics and students that this site is being used for the purposes of studying Bob Dylan’s work, and of course we find that incredibly gratifying.  Indeed we hope that this list might be of help in that work.

All that we ask in return is that if you do utilise this page, or indeed extract data from any other page from this site, you do cite the author of the page and the website “Untold Dylan” as the source.

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I Kings

II Kings





Solomon’s Song











Corinthians I



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