Dylan covers Dylan: the 50 greatest reworkings of Dylan songs by Bob Dylan.

By Tony Attwood

Of course I can’t do the actual greatest reworkings of songs by Dylan, because there are so many new workings of the songs and new recordings appear – and sadly disappear.  But I can pick a few that I rather enjoy, just in case you missed them.

I’ve also noted a few other articles related to the song, that you might (or might not) find interesting.


This has turned out to be a far more time consuming exercise than I thought, since I’ve ended up listening to more and more and more Dylan reworkings of Dylan, not to mention correcting a few broken links in the reviews.

If you’d like to help me out, send in any lings to live performances that really do add something new to the original recorded version and I will continue to head towards the 50 promised in the article title.

1: Things have changed

2: Visions of Johanna

In this it is not so much the singing that shines out, but rather the accompaniment which allows everything in those words (which of course we all know by heart, and which if I was going to be buried rather than cremated I’d consider having on my gravestone) suddenly rise up and turn us over, inside out and upside down.

3: It ain’t me babe

Even Heylin called this live 1965 performance “spell binding”

4: Not Dark Yet with extra edge, not to mention steel.

5: Blind Willie McTell

6: Positively 4th Street

As I said in the reworked review “goodness this is painful”


Positively 4th Street, the meaning behind the music – and a variant

“Are you ready”  The Christian side of Positively Fourth Street.

7: She Belongs to me


or if you prefer, try this

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