High Away (Ah ah ah). Another Shot of Love outtake that survived, but…


By Tony Attwood

This song is included here because it is, as far as I know, a Dylan composition, and we are trying to cover all the Dylan compositions.  A recording of it exists (see below) and so I’m adding it to the list.

But I really am very unsure if there is any particular merit in this experiment.  For while there are several of these “Shot of Love” outtakes that do seem to me to be on the edge of being very interesting compositions, nothing here seems to be leading in an interesting direction.

What we get is a simple reggae rhythm with a repeating chord sequence, for each verse, and then the same sequence with the Ah Ah Ah.

And then suddenly and without warning at around 3 minutes 20 seconds everything comes to a halt and we have an intermediate bit which doesn’t appear to have too much to do with anything else around – not does it appear (to my ears) to be going anywhere itself.

Then it is back to Ah Ah Ah.

If you stay with the whole recording you’ll hear that Dylan does have a couple of goes to make more sense out of the slowed down interlude, and does keep coming back to it.  And maybe it could have gone somewhere in the end, if the chorus had not been so stuck on “Ah Ah Ah”.

Bob certainly did keep trying – the recording is just on eight minutes long, but whereas I can see where the other songs were going, (or could have gone,) this one seems to be going nowhere.  So for me an experiment that didn’t have any particular merit and was rightly abandoned.  But that’s not to say I’m right.  It is just how I hear it.

However if you play the piece all the way through you do get some idea of what else Bob and the band were playing with at the time, and such background material is always interesting.

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