Bob Dylan’s Themes

For the most part this site contains reviews of Bob Dylan’s songs, but we also publish a range of articles, and these are listed below.

The latest series relates to themes within Dylan’s work

The Libel Case Of “Bob Dylan vs Bobbie Gentry” Settles Out Of Court

50 years of thin and metallic gold.

The Ballad Of Frankly And Joni

Billy, Mistress Mary, And The Queen Of Hues: The Mystery Of W.H., Solved!

Blake, Keats, And Spots Of Ink: Spinning Reels Of Rhyme

Macavity Was There: The Untold Dylan Tapes

TS Eliot, Ezra Pound, and Bob Dylan Fighting In The Captain’s Tower

You Can Be My Dream If I Can Be In Yours: Bob Dylan Meets Dr. Freud

The Ghosts Of Electricity: Bob Dylan And Symbolism

Time Passes Quickly: Bob Dylan and his eternal fight against time

The Arrows They Are A-Flyin’: Bob Dylan Disguised As Robin Hood

My Ruth’s In The Highlands A-Chaffing The Corn: Dylan’s Idealization of Women.

Bob Dylan Under The Big Top: The Clown Of Thorns

Bob Dylan’s Julius and Ethel: the accuracy of the story is not the point.

Bob Dylan in 1973: moving into the second round of unadulterated genius

Bob Dylan’s Broken Hearts Club: a review of Blood on the Tracks

And some other articles we’ve published…

Dylan and the Wilburys

Dylan was never a writer and singer of protest songs

Dylan’s sense of place

Bob Dylan’s ten greatest opening lines

Dylan as Celebrity

Dylan’s Lyrics about Women – have they evolved?

Reading Dylan as Poetry – It’s not dark yet

Changing of the Guards and the Tarot

How Bob Dylan writes songs: Part 1 – The types of song

How Bob Dylan writes songs: Part 2 – The origins of Dylan’s approach and style

How Dylan writes songs part 3: “”I didn’t think I was doing anything different.”


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