Dylan’s lighter side

In this index we list first the articles we’ve produced which take a more light hearted approach to Bob Dylan and his music.  Below that we list Bob’s own more light hearted songs which we have reviewed on the site.


Untold and Bob: The exclusives and the wild speculation


Dylan: Feelings Have Changed. A previously unknown chapter from Bob’s life.

Concerning Bob Dylan’s conversion to Islam

Bob Dylan Rides The Northern Lights (With Presley, McCartney, And Jagger)

What did Bob Dylan die of?

A New Dylan Christmas Song Uncovered

Bob Dylan And Omar Khayyam. Not to mention East Orange.

Bob Dylan’s Efforts At Tourist Promotion: the Untold secret files

Is Bob Dylan funny? Should we be funny about Bob Dylan? Does humour have a place in our society?

Deadwood And Deadman: Bob Dylan And Post-Modernism

Bob Dyan And Omar Khayyam, Not To Mention East Orange

Bob Dylan’s Efforts At Tourist Promotion

Is Bob Dylan funny? Should we be funny about Bob Dylan? Does humour have a place in our society?

Dear Babby: An advice column for the lovelorn

Dylan’s lighter sided songs

Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues.

Talkin Hava Negeilah blues

Talking World War III Blues

Gypsy Lou

Motorpsycho Nightmare

I shall be free number 10

Subterranean Homesick Blues

I’m Your Teenage Prayer

Quinn the Eskimo – The Mighty Quinn

Clothes line saga

TV Talking Song

Clothes line saga: Bob Dylan’s answer to “Billy Joe”. The meaning and the style.

What else is on the site

  • 1: Over 400 reviews of Dylan songs.  There is an index to these in alphabetical order on the home page, and an index to the songs in the order they were written in the Chronology Pages.
  • 2: The Chronology.  We’ve taken all the songs we can find recordings of and put them in the order they were written (as far as possible) not in the order they appeared on albums.  The chronology is more or less complete and is now linked to all the reviews on the site.  We have also recently started to produce overviews of Dylan’s work year by year.     The index to the chronologies is here.
  • 3: Bob Dylan’s themes.  We publish a wide range of articles about Bob Dylan and his compositions.  There is an index here.  A second index lists the articles under the poets and poetic themes cited – you can find that here.
  • 4:   The Discussion Group    We now have a discussion group “Untold Dylan” on Facebook.  Just type the phrase “Untold Dylan” in, on your Facebook page or follow this link 
  • 5:  Bob Dylan’s creativity.   We’re fascinated in taking the study of Dylan’s creative approach further.  The index is in Dylan’s Creativity.
  • 6: You might also like: A classification of Bob Dylan’s songs and partial Index to Dylan’s Best Opening Lines