Poets and themes within Bob Dylan’s work

This page is an index to some of our articles that relate Dylan’s work to other writers, and to specific themes.


Auden WH:  The Three Penny Opera: Bob Dylan And WH Auden.

Baudelaire, Charles: The Ghosts Of Electricity: Bob Dylan And Symbolism

Bertolt Brecht  & Kurt Weill

Blake, William.

Andre Breton: Bob Dylan And Andre Breton

Robert Browning: The Browning Of The Green Mountain

Robert Burns: Bob Dylan And William Carlos Williams

Cervantes, Miguel dLa Mancha Is Blowing In The Wind: Bob Dylan And Don Quixote

Coleridge, Samuel.

Donne, John: Literary Allusions ll

Emily Dickinson: My Ruth’s In The Highlands

Eliot, TS.  TS Eliot, Ezra Pound, and Bob Dylan Fighting In The Captain’s Tower

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence:   Bob Dylan And Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Freud, Sigmund.  You Can Be My Dream If I Can Be In Yours: Bob Dylan Meets Dr. Freud

Frost, Robert

Allen Ginsberg:

Graves, Roberts.  The Great White Wonder: Bob Dylan And Robert Graves

Hughes, Langston.  Bob Dylan And Walt Whitman: Writing In The Captain’s Tower

Keats, John    Blake, Keats, And Spots Of Ink: Spinning Reels Of Rhyme

MacLeish, Archibald  Bob Dylan And Archibald MacLeish

Millay Edna : Time Out Of Mind: Bob Dylan Paints His Masterpiece

Nietzsche Frederich: Literary Allusions I

Poe, Edgar Allan: The Bobby Horror Picture Show

Pound, Ezra.

Rimbaud, Arthur. Bob Dylan And Arthur Rimbaud

Sandburg, Carl

Shakespeare, William.  Shakespeare’s In The Well With His Pointed Claws And His Bell

Shelly, Percy.

Spenser, Edmund

Stevens, Wallace.  Charles Swinburne, Wallace Stevens, And The Jack Of Hearts

Swedenborg Emanuel  The Browning Of The Green Mountain: Bob Dylan Visits Swedenborg

Swinburne, Charles Charles Swinburne, Wallace Stevens, And The Jack Of Hearts

Lord Tennyson:

Thomas, Dylan.

Timrod, Henry

Tolkien RR: Literary Allusions l

Verlaine, Paul   The Never-Ending Art Of Becoming: Bob Dylan And Paul Verlaine

Villon, Francois: Things have changed or have they?

Whitman, Walt:  Bob Dylan And Walt Whitman: Writing In The Captain’s Tower

John Whittier : Dylan’s Other Speech

Williams, William Carlos

Wordsworth, William My Ruth’s In The Highlands

And in terms of movements and themes

Accuracy: Bob Dylan’s Julius and Ethel: the accuracy of the story is not the point.

Broken Hearts: Bob Dylan’s Broken Hearts Club: a review of Blood on the Tracks

The Circus: Bob Dylan Under The Big Top: The Clown Of Thorns

Moving on:  Bob Dylan’s endless need to keep leaving, keep wandering and just keep moving on.

Post-modernism: Deadwood And Deadman: Bob Dylan And Post-Modernism

Robin Hood: The Arrows They Are A-Flyin’: Bob Dylan Disguised As Robin Hood

Symbolism.  The Ghosts Of Electricity: Bob Dylan And Symbolism

Time: Time Passes Quickly: Bob Dylan and his eternal fight against time

Women: My Ruth’s In The Highlands A-Chaffing The Corn: Dylan’s Idealization of Women.

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