Dylan’s rarities: the circle, an amazing Wild Mountain, plus So Long Good Luck

By Tony Attwood

Will the circle be unbroken

This was performed three times ranging from May 1961 through to July 2019 – so it has a longevity in Dylan’s memory even if only rarely played.

It was written in 1907 by Ada R. Habershon with music by Charles H. Gabriel.   However it is now in the public domain as the copyright was not registered (or possibly has lapsed, but I think the former).  

It was also recorded by the Carter Family which is perhaps why it has retained an affection for Dylan.

This was released in 1935, and is enough of a variant from the original for it to have been copyrighted and that copyright is still in effect.   I have a great affection for the Jeff Buckley version, but unfortunately the version on the internet is of poor quality.  It is however the only version that I know that he did of it.

but if you want something brighter, then this one is fun with Johnny Cash

Now something very different – Wild Mountain Thyme.

Bob performed this on 22 June 1988 at the Riverbend Music Centre, Cincinnati.  I haven’t found a copy of that gig on line, hence this much earlier one.  But really I do like this acoustic version.  The two of them sound very together, and the accompaniment is very unusual for this song with its insistant off-beat.   Since I found this I’ve been playing it over and over.

So long Good Luck Goodbye

This comes from 12 January 1990, performed in New Haven (I think).

It is a classic 1950s rock n roll song… written by Weldon Rogers (1927-2004), who was also the founder of Je-Wel records which released the first Roy Orbison record.


I am now going to cheat to end with and include a song I’ve included before, just because I really like it so much, and maybe today we’ve got some readers who have not ventured this way before.  It’s Weeping Willow.

Dylan’s once only file: the concert.   Aaron has created a Youtube file of the songs Bob has played once only and which we have reviewed.

Here are the individual sessions…

And elsewhere



  1. So Long Good Luck is from 1986 w/ TP. Dylan lifted the riff for Everything Is Broken from Weldon Rodgers original note for note!

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