California Brown Eyed Baby – another musical setting of the Dylan song.

By Tony Attwood

In our earlier article “California Brown Eyed Baby” we revealed a set of lyrics from Dylan which seemed never to have been used.  I had a bash at writing some music (a “bash” being the apposite word here) but Robert Thomas and his writing partner Paul Odiase have now come up with their version.

There are more details as well as another link to the song on Paul’s website.   The music is by Paul Odiase, lyrics Bob Dylan/Paul Robert Thomas.

The original lyrics as we published before are…

The rain is falling at my window
My thoughts are sad forever.
Thinking about my fair haired baby,
The one I really do adore

She's my California brown eyed baby,
She's the one I think about today,
She's my California brown eyed baby,
Livin' down San Francisco way

Sadly I look out my window,
Where I can hear the raindrops fall.
My heart is sayin' ***** ****
Where I can hear my true love call.

Now boys don't start to ramble,
You better stay in your hometown
Get you a gal that really loves you,
Stay right there and settle down.

If you are a solo performer or working with a band or as a duo or trio, and have recorded a cover version of one of Dylan’s songs, and want to send in a performance of the music, please send it as an MP3 or MP4 to along with details of who you are, including any biographical details you want to reveal.

The only requirement I’d add for that is that it’s not just a straight rendition of a Dylan song in the way Dylan did it.  The whole point of our covering the covers (as it were) is that we are looking at the way the artists have changed the song and explored dimensions that are not in the original.  Hence me sitting at a piano and singing Times they are a-changin in a very pale imitation of the Dylan original would not be acceptable!  (Just to reassure you).

Here are some of the earlier songs we’ve had completed following presentation of the lyrics on Untold Dylan.

Meanwhile as you may have noticed we are slowly building a file of covers of Dylan’s songs.  If you are in or are associated with a band that has recorded (privately or commercially) a cover of a Dylan song and you would like to have it added to our files, just send me either a video or an MP3 or MP4 and I’ll put it up in our Showcase section.




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