Tioga Pass – another Dylan song now completed

When we find a Dylan song that has not had any music added, we put it on Untold and invite readers to submit their own musical performance of the song.  It is then listed on our index of songs, and immortality is granted to the performer / composer.

Recently we had another discovery – Tioga Pass – you can read all about it here.  And now we’ve had our first submission of the music to complete the song.  It is from Jeff Kosoff.    Below I reproduce Jeff’s email to me, and below that is the track he has created.

You will also find details of the other articles in this series below – complete with the music created in each case.

My name is Jeff Kosoff. I’m a painter/writer/musician of no repute whatsoever who has enjoyed reading many thoughtful, provocative posts by you and your stable of contributors.

I am not one to be compelled to enter contests, or even share amongst friends,  the vast majority of what I like to call “my work”. I’m not sure why I’ve responded to your clarion call regarding “new music for existing lyrics”, but I did–as demonstrated in my very one-off take, recorded without looking back on a recent stiflingly hot Sunday morning in bucolic Bucks County, PA.

When I saw that no one had yet to respond, I thought, “Maybe the good folks at Untold Dylan will appreciate this loose commitment to quality and at least be mildly entertained.” I love the story of how Dylan came to possess these lyrics. Who doesn’t appreciate a good canard? Anyway, I have a deep appreciation for the unconventional voices, whose influence is evident in what might be described as my singing.

Thank you and all the writers/contributors of Untold Dylan. I think reviewing the songs in the date order they were written truly does provide clarity as to the bard’s state-o-mind. Well worth reading! Looking forward to the forthcoming book.Keep doing great things!

To your continuing success (and dancing)–Cheers,

Jeff Kosoff

The lyrics

Needle's on empty
and here I'm stuck
Four in the morning
and just my luck
Listen to the radio
waiting for the sun
Can't flag a ride
until daylight comes

Four in the morning
and out of gas
Mile and a half
from Tioga Pass

Tuned to a station
I've never heard
while moonlight glimmers
on Dead Man's Curve
Glory in the morning
and God bless you
for playing that song
when another would do

Four in the morning
and out of gas
Mile and a half
from Tioga Pass

Ain't quite rock
although it moves
It sure ain't country
and it's not the blues
They don't say nothing
when it gets to the end
Just keep playing it
over again

Four in the morning
and out of gas
Mile and a half
from Tioga Pass

It isn't pop
and it isn't soul
Nothing like fifties
rock and roll
It isn't folk
Not especially jazz
Got something special
nothing else has

Four in the morning
and out of gas
Mile and a half
from Tioga Pass

The sun comes up
about six o'clock
The station drifts
to some pre-fab rock
Although they played it
all night long
I never did learn
the name of that song

We are still waiting for some music for Bowling Alley Blues


Here are some other songs from this series.

If you want to have a go at writing the music to any of these songs, please do make a recording and email it to Tony@schools.co.uk


  1. that is like genuinely great!

    I love it!

    I loved the email too, and i was more than mildly entertained! I’ve played 4 or 5 times already.

    There’s a touch of Neil Young in the melody and delivery. Excellent work!

  2. You two guys are far too kind–your comments (and your insightful works w/Untold Dylan) are much appreciated. Thank you! I’m humbled by your applause.

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