Bob Dylan: Cooking Up More Mythologies (Part XII)

by Larry Fyffe

From the dusty vaults of Untold headquarters, below, dear reader, you’ll find the lost verses that got left off the song “Lily,  Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts” by Bob Dylan.

Perhaps, you’ll find that these final verses take a sad song, and makes it better:

Lily iced Big Jim down in the casino
Rosemary she got noosed, instead of her amigo
It's past midnight, and it's time to go
Lily, come quickly, sit on my big palomino
No one could ride faster than the Jack of Hearts
Well they rode all night, and they they rode all day
Southward they went on the broad highway
The palomino was tired, juice all spent
The High Sheriff was on their tail, and onward they went
Lily sliced up Jim 'cause she loved the Jack of Hearts
Suddenly, Jack turned around, and she was sitting there
With Jim's ring on her finger, and flowers in her hair
She smelled like the flora of the valley, and the rose of Sharon
They heard the thunder of horses' feet as they rode along
Fire breathing down the backs of Lily and the Jack of Hearts
Jack cursed the heat, and he clutched his head
He wished he had sold his guitar for a loaf of bread
He pondered their future, and he pondered their fate
Lily, take my gun, aim it well, babe, and shoot it straight
Could be that I am slain, moaned the Jack of Hearts
There are no mistakes in life some people say 
It is true, sometimes you can see things that way
Lily mused that people don't live or die, they just float
And she ran off with the man in the long black coat
That was the last time they ever saw the Jack of Hearts

We also have a video that accompanies this version of the song, but decided not to show it because it’ll just make you cry.

And in case you are interested….

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