Cooking up more mythologies XIII

By Larry Fyffe

As the gnostic-like mythology of Lilith develops, the screech owl night-demon, after fleeing to Babylon from the Garden of Eden, teams up with the archangel of death and destruction.

‘Samael’, Lily calls him; she and he with Satan engineer the fall of the earhly paradise, and they don’t stop there.

Of course, such goings-on all part of the Almighty’s plan

– from the Old Testament:

And  God sent an angel unto Jerusalem to destroy it
And as he was destroying, the Lord beheld
And he repented him of the evil
And said to the angel that destroyed
"It is enough, stay now thine hand" ...
And David lifted up his eyes
And he saw the angel of the Lord stand between the earth and the heaven
Having a drawn sword in his hand stretched out over Jerusalem
(I Chronicles 21: 15,16)

In the New Testament, the story continues:

And I looked, and behold a pale horse
And his name that sat on him was Death
And Hell followed with him
And the power was given unto them
Over the fourth part of the earth
To kill with sword, and with death
And with the beasts of the earth
(Revelation 6: 8)

The bible-rooted mythology echoes in the song lyrics below:

I can see the unknown rider
I can see the pale white horse
In God's truth, tell me what you want
And you'll have it of course
Just step into the arena
(Bob Dylan: Angelina)

Some of the extra-biblical stories smack of satire as do the following song lyrics that can be so construed in reference to the dogma of ‘original sin’ (in another song, said it might that the Jack of Hearts runs off with Lily after he’s been saved by Rosemary, a figurative lamb who sacrifices herself on the gallows):

I was blinded by the devil
Born already ruined
Stone-cold dead
As I stepped out of the womb ...
I've been saved
By the blood of the lamb
Saved saved
And I'm so glad
(Bob Dylan: Saved)

In the following song, Jack Robert Frost makes his stand midway between heaven and earth:

Key West is the place to be
If you're looking for immortality
Key West is paradise divine
Key West is fine and fair
If you've lost your mind, you'll find it there
Key West is on the horizon line

On the dark material earth, things ain’t so good:

Had a man in Black Mountain, the sweetest man in town
He met a city girl, and throwed me down
(Besse Smith: Black Mountain Blues ~ J. Johnson)

As the song lyrics beneath tell you:

I was up on Black Mountain
The day Detroit fell
They killed'em all off
And they sent them to Hell
(Bob Dylan: Early Roman Kings)

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