Bob Dylan And The DylavincI Code (Part IV)

by Larry Fyffe

A dangerous business perhaps, but Bob Dylan leaves lots of clues in his song lyrics that he’s been searching for the hidden tomb of Mary Magdalene, and her daughter by the Christian Messiah.

As we have seen, Bob’s got Mary’s burial site narrowed down to Egypt – like Indiana Jones in the movies, he believes the great Sphinx statue (near the Nile River where Moses was hidden as a baby) has something to do with it, and the discovery of her remains could clarify to one and all what Mary Magdalene be really like.

The singer/songwriter throws down a few red herrings to divert barking religious hound dogs from the trail:

I'm just like Anne Frank, like Indiana Jones
And them British bad boys, the Rolling Stones
I go right to the edge, I go right to the end
I go right where all things lost are made good again
(I Contain Multitudes)

Dylan also turns right to the Elysian Fields, not left to Hell, in the song “Key West”:

You stay to the left, and then you lean to the right
Feel the sun on your skin, and the heeling virtues of the wind
Key West, Key West, is the land of light
(Key West)

Known as ‘Horus Of The Nile’, the protective human-headed, lion-bodied Sphinx is equated in Greek mythology to a man-eating beast that has the head of a woman, the wings of a falcon, and the body of a lion.

The Dylavinci Code rejects that dark view, and suggests there’s a secret door that leads to the light and truth about the mother of Christ’s child.

According to an Old Testament Gnostic-like prophet, the throne of God is held up by angels with the face of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle:

As for the likeness of their faces
They four had the face of a man
And the face of a lion, on the right side
And they four had the face of an ox on the left side
They four also had the face of an eagle
(Ezekiel 1:10)

Alluded in the song lyrics below:

Beat a path of retreat
Up them spiral staircases
Pass the tree of smoke
Pass the angel with four faces
Begging God for mercy

The songwriter struggles with the vision of Mary Magdalene, with the child of Jesus wrapped up in her arms, where she is portrayed by at  least some New Testament Christians as a former prostitute in need of repentance:

Queen Mary, she's my friend
Yes, I believe I'll go and see her again
Nobody has to guess that baby can't be blessed
'Til she finally sees that's that she's like all the rest
With her fog, her amphetamine, and her pearls
(Just Like A Woman)

Mary Magdalene is Bob Dylan’s friend, and he’s grateful that she’s travelled with him this far, right to the very end.


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