Bob Dylan And The DylavincI Code (Part X)

by Larry Fyffe

There is an alternate interpretation of the clues hidden in the Dylavinci Code, a Cubist-like point of view that asserts the relationship of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene has a dark side ~ the sad-eyed Lady Magdalene gets killed.

The Dylavinci Code is a drawn-out ‘Murder Ballad”!

Mary’s a Lilith-like independent Jungian archetype whose husband attempts to exorcise the demonic spirits that possess her body.

All in vain - there's demons inside her Jesus can't get rid of:
And certain women, which had been healed 
Of evil spirits and infirmities
Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils
(Luke 8: 2)

Expressed humorously in the following song lyrics:

Her name was Magill
And she called herself Lil
But everyone knew her as Nancy
(Beatles: Rocky Raccoon ~ Lennon/McCartney)

A dire situation that’s foreseen by a Jewish prophet in the days when Hebrews flee from Northern Israel to Memphis, Egypt; the Assyrian armies are approaching.

Prophesied is that these outsiders will fare badly in Memphis, capital of the land of Isis, Osiris, and Horus; their dead bodies ferried off to the Underworld; leftward to the place of mummies, not right to the Elysian Fierlds:

For, lo, they are gone because of destruction
Egypt shall gather them up
Memphis shall bury them
(Hosea 9:6)

A black-light scenario depicted in the decoded song lyrics below.

Handy Dandy (Devil himself, dressed as if he were the transfigured Jesus) seated with Mary Magdelene (Nancy) in the ‘Garden of Eden’ cabaret, unzippers his “gun”:

Handy Dandy, sitting with a girl named Nancy
In a garden feeling kind of lazy
He says, "You want a gun? I'll give you one"
She says, "Boy, you're talking crazy"
(Bob Dylan: Handy Dandy)

The above song lyrics reference a horn-blowing cabaret musician in Memphis, a city on the American ‘Nile’, the Mississippi River.

He composes a ragtime tune that knock’em all dead:

I went out a-dancing with a Tennessee dear
They had a fellow there named 'Handy'
With a band you should hear
(Memphis Blues ~ William Handy)

Bringing it all back home to a crowd-drawer:

The ragman draws circles
Up and down the block
I'd ask him what the matter was
But I know that he don't talk
(Stuck Inside Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again)




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