Other people’s songs: “Can’t help falling in love”

By Aaron Galbraith and Tony Attwood

Aaron: “Can’t Help Falling in Love” is a song recorded by Elvis Presley for the album Blue Hawaii.

From Wikipedia: The melody is based on “Plaisir d’amour”, a popular French love song composed in 1784 by Jean-Paul-Égide Martini. The song was initially written from the perspective of a woman as “Can’t Help Falling in Love with Him”, which explains the first and third line ending on “in” and “sin” rather than words rhyming with “you.”

Bob’s version appeared on his 1973 studio album, Dylan

Tony: An unusually melodic harmonica part from Bob at the start.  And a bit of a feeling that as he sings he always makes a grab at the word “help” for some reason, which I find a bit odd – but as ever that’s just me.  It’s a nice, relaxing recording, but it is not something of Bob’s that I’d ever feel like listening to when I could choose what to play next.

Although I must admit the subtle changes made on the middle 8 “Like a river flows” are interesting.  Plus the slight changes to the melody on occasion are enjoyable.

But there are oddities too, that I am not at all sure about.  Such as why suddenly the setting of the organ is changed at 2’26” – it just seems a sudden jolt.

I suppose the answer to why this was recorded would be as a tribute, and if there are indeed many people who thoroughly enjoy this and play it often, then clearly it is a success on that score.  So I guess it is just that I am not one of them, and in my old age I’m getting grumpy!

Aaron: In 1993, British reggae band UB40 covered it as the first single from their 1993 album, “Promises and Lies”. The song climbed to No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100, staying there for seven weeks and the United Kingdom where it topped the chart for two months.

Tony:   I like this – which is not to say that I am going to play it again, but rather is a reflection of the way the accompaniment travels its own route while the melody keeps the traditionally restrained approach – and indeed the crowded conditions of the mock performance in the tunnel add to the fun.  It’s jolly, and it made me feel good in a way that neither Bob’s nor Elvis’ version ever does.

Aaron: Emmylou Harris recorded a version of the original French lyric in 2003 for her wonderful Stumble into Grace album.

Tony: Now that accordion part does work for me, and seems to be in keeping with the whole arrangement.  Suddenly I enjoy the song – and the chord change (at the “joy of love”) from all the other versions also works for me, as does the instrumental.

I think it is the simplicity of the whole piece and the gentleness of the entire performance that attracts me.  Plus the fact that there is no attempt to spin it out.  It is a short song, and this performance lets it be just that: a sort song.

And so as I play through the selected recordings it finally hits me.  Bob’s version is four minutes 20 seconds long, and that really is stretching the song beyond its natural boundaries for me.

Aaron: As an added treat here is Christine McVie covering it for an obscure movie soundtrack

Tony: I can’t resist Christine McVie’s voice, so I am expecting to like this right from the start, and she doesn’t let me down.  There’s no attempt to take the song beyond its own simplicity and self-imposed limitations – which as I noted above is what I feel the Dylan version does.  Emmylou Harris still gets my vote as the best of these examples, and I am playing it now for the third time as I conclude my rambling notes, and even though it is only just gone 10am and there is a load of work waiting for me in my in-box I really don’t want to do anything else except listen to it again.

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