The greatest recordings of Dylan songs by everyone else Part 4

Compiled by Tony Attwood from suggestions made both here and on our Facebook group.

Previously we have looked at and hopefully listened to…

Part 1: Laura Marling, Old Crowe, Dixie Chicks, Tom Jones, The Helio Sequence, The O-Jays, Mikael Wiehe and Ebba Forsberg, Coulson Dean McGuiness Flint, George Harrison,  Sinéad Lohan

Part 2: Judy Rodman, Spirit, Eric Clapton, Solomon Burke, The Daily Flash, Jason and the Scorchers, George Harrison, The Tallest Man on Earth, Nice, Charlie Parr

Part 3Nina Simone, Michael Moravek, Jerry, Phil and Bob, The Nice, Bettina Jonic, Sheila Atim, Walter Trout, Stan Denski, Old Crow Medicine Show,  Ramblin’ Jack Eliot 

This is self evidently the fourth part of our series of the best ever cover versions sent in by readers to our Facebook site.  They are not in any order other than the order in which they were submitted (and not always that!)

Please do keep sending in new ideas, either to the Facebook site or in the comments below.  I will keep adding new articles of ten suggestions at a time until I run out of suggestions, and at the end will record all the articles together in an index so we can go back and find the lists with ease without jumping around the site.

My random comments are not meant to suggest that I don’t like the versions I haven’t commented on – it’s quite overwhelming to run through each list of ten one after the after, and it is for me truly enjoyable to listen to all these different choices.

A really sincere thank you to everyone who has contributed.

As before where available I am linking to YouTube videos but where none seems to be available I’m adding the Spotify link.  To access this you will need a Spotify account – but obtaining one is free – just fill in the form.

Here we go with 31 to 40.  In putting this list together I got more and more carried away with what has been unleashed here.  Thank you everyone.  You have made this whole project so worthwhile.  Stuff in square brackets is added by me.


31: I shall be released by Pearls before swine. Suggested by Hans Kramer

32: Down in the flood by Howard Fishman. [Spotify]. Suggested by Hans Kramer

33: I Believe In You by Sinead O’Connor.  Suggested by Robert Bluer.

34: Boots of Spanish Leather by Mandolin Orange.  Suggested by Summerteeth who adds the commentary, “This song always called for a duet, but since it was written about Suze, I’m guessing Joanie wasn’t interested.  Except for the cough in the middle (which I edited out in my downloaded version), this is perfect.”

35:  It’s All Over Now Baby Blue by Them.   Suggested by Chris who adds, “I’ve never liked any Dylan cover better than the original but man this one comes seriously close and it’s such a haunting song on its own thanks to Van the Man’s incredible voice.”   [And from Tony – “another top group for whom I played in the (decidedly average) support band.  Embarrassed the rest of my band by asking for Them’s autograph.  Them were very nice about it. ]

36: Moonshiner, by Lindsay Taylor.  Suggested by Gary.  [Looks like a home recording, and absolutely nothing wrong with that – it’s a great version.]

37:   Things Have Changed from the album Waiting for the Good Times by String Swing suggested by Original Kingbee.   [OK, my opinion is no worth no more than anyone else’s but I’m editing this so I can’t resist putting in my two penneth worth, as us cockneys say.  I love, love, love this song, and it is one of the few Dylan tracks that the dance clubs I frequent, will play.  I doubt I can get them to play this version but it would fit any club.  This is utterly, utterly, utterly wonderful.   I almost couldn’t tear myself away to conclude the full list.]

38: It‘s all over now, Baby Blue by FALCO suggested by Rajan Mahadevan.  This is the studio version, but there are a couple of live versions on You Tube too.

39: All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix suggested by DB.  [I saw Hendrix perform this at the University of Sussex.  Also on the bill were Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett. My highest claim to fame.]

40: Chimes of Freedom – Youssou N’Dour.  Suggested by Fred Muller.  [Even if you never listen to non-English recordings, please listen to this.  And everything else by Youssou N’Dour come to that.]

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