Best recordings of Bob Dylan songs by everyone else (heading for 100)

Compiled by Tony Attwood

Updated 28 May 2018 to correct wrong links

We took the list of Dylan covers up to number 80 in the last collection (there’s a link to all the previous parts of this series below), and as a result a number of additional suggestions were made complete with links.

Although they appeared on the site at that point I thought I would gather them together in an article of their own and they are below – just in case you like the series and missed them.

The final rounding off of this series will come with the list of songs in song title order (the current order is simply in the order they were suggested) and I will put that onto a permanent page on this site so that, should you ever be interested, you can go back and have a look at the whole list.

Can I take a moment to thank everyone who joined in with this little project.  It has introduced me to a whole range of recordings I had never heard before, and indeed a whole genre of Dylan songs translated into languages of which I don’t know a single word.

Of course not each recording grabs me, but that’s always the way with Dylan’s music: different songs and different versions appeal to different people.  One can only feel sad for the people who don’t get it at all.

81: Changing of the Guard by Chris Whitley and Jeff Lang, suggested by Matt Rude

82: Spanish Harlem Incident by Chris Whitley, suggested by Matt Rude

83:  When I Paint My Masterpiece by Chris Whitley and Jeff Lang, suggested by Matt Rude

84: Boot of Spanish Leather by Patti Smith, suggested by Matt Rude

85: Its All Over Now, Baby Blue by Graham Bonnet, suggested by Matt Rude

86:  Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind by Idiot Wind, suggested by Matt Rude

87:  Simple Twist of Fate by Sarah Jarosz, suggested by Matt Rude

88: I Believe in You by Sinead O’Conner,  suggested by Matt Rude.  (This had me on the edge of tears; I love the song anyway, but this version just takes the song to another level – Tony)

89:  Precious Angel by Sinead O’Connor, suggested by Matt Rude

90: Idiot Wind By Luke Elliot, suggested by Matt Rude.

91: Wanted Man by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  Suggested by Matt Rude

92:  Girl from the North Country by Johnny Cash and Joni Mitchell.  Suggested by anonymous contributor.

93: Restless Farewell by Mark Knopfler, suggested by anonymous contributor

94: It ain’t me babe by Joan Baez.

I’ll be happy to add any more submissions, but by all means wait until I’ve got the alphabetical list of songs up from all nine parts of this series, so you can check to see if what you are suggesting is already there.

Previous submissions

So another thank you to everyone who has so willingly taken part.  It is one of those ideas that just started with 3 suggestions and has grown and grown.  I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed listening to these alternative versions, so many of which I had not heard before.

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  1. Hi Tony,
    Something has gone awry; I cannot seem to access part 4 (31 – 40). I’m pretty sure you’ll find Sinead O’Connor’s version of I Believe in You in that section.



  2. Hi Tony.

    The ones I see already on your list, include great ones but also great artists average covers :). I am a Bob-head since the beginning (1963) and a bit of a nut-fan …

    So here is my top 10, excluding the ones already on your lists:

    1. Eric Truffaz & Sophie Hunger: Dirge; ABSOLUTE BEST;
    2. Joan Baez: Love is just a four letter word; SUPERB BAEZ;
    3. Thea Gilmore: I dreamed I saw St Augustine; A whole album of great covers in fact
    4. Alison Krauss: I believe in you;
    5. Thea Gilmore: As I went out one morning;
    6. Frazey Ford: One more cup of coffee;
    7. Bonnie Raitt: It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue;
    8. Cat Power: Monnshiner;
    9. Tom Petty: License to kill (Live, 30th anniversary);
    10. Bruce Springsteen: I want You.

    Yeah, can’t exclude the Boss :)…

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