Untold Dylan: The YouTube channel

Words by Tony Attwood

Hard work and technical knowledge by Aaron Galbraith

It is often suggested that I am still stuck in the 1950s, playing Dylan records on a trusty record player at 33 and a third revs per minute, and that Untold Dylan is written on parchment with a quill pen, my trusty associates then typing the texts up beore handing them over to more modern folk who eventually see to things and get my words of wisdom before the contemporary world by placing these musings upon the Internet.

Well yes, up to a point.  But fortunately some around me are of a more modern inclination, and as such have now taken Untold Dylan further forward with a You Tube channel.

I must admit I am not quite sure what this is but I am told that if you take a peek via the link below you will see wonders upon wonders.

We have for example six Play Lady Play playlists taken from the articles from that series, meaning you can play the list in sequence while reading the article.  There is a list of the articles below to help out.

We also have a full play list for our invented album “Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing” including

And (and this is the bit I really love) my own invented album (“Dylan 1980”) now exists as a YouTube album.  You can follow that extravaganza via these links.

Untold Dylan: The Youtube channel

And seriously, a million thanks to Aaron for getting the channel going and setting out the selections.

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