Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing album cover – and reviews of other album artwork

By Tony Attwood

Following our completion of the invented “Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing” album which could have been issued instead of Down in the Groove, we invited anyone interested to come up with a new cover for the album invented by Aaron.

And we have had our first submission from Rick Hager…

Rick Hager is a Dylan fan (and co-founder of the old “Look Back” magazine in 1984, now residing in Manasquan, NJ

Here’s the track listing with links to each song…

We’re still open to anyone reader who would like to contribute a cover for the album.  Unfortunately no one gets paid for doing anything on this site, but we do know that just occasionally quite senior people in the world of Dylan do take a peek at what we get up to.

Meanwhile if you are interested in artwork I am sure you will enjoy our series on the art work on Bob’s album covers.  Indeed if you have never seen it plesae do spend a few moments with the article on your favourite album…

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