‘Bob Dylan’s Original Recipes And Cookbook’ 

‘Bob Dylan’s Original Recipes And Cookbook’

The Untold Promotional  Interview

 By Larry Fyffe

(Interview conducted by Larry Fyffe)
 Untold:  Bob, tell our readers where you came up with the idea of writing a cookbook.

 Bob Dylan:  While I’m listening to the steel rails hum
                        Got both my eyes tight shut
                        Just sitting here trying to keep the hunger from
                        Creeping it’s way into my gut

Untold:  So that got you thinking about writing down your recipe for a batch of rice and beans?

Dylan:  That’s right…..I’d come down with a case of the Workingman Blues ….

              I got a brand new suit and a brand new wife
              I can live on rice and beans
              Some people never worked a day in their life
              Don’t know what work even means

Untold:  Why the instructions on how to cook a clean hot dog?

Dylan:  I was On The Road Again ….

             Well, I asked for something to eat
             I’m hungry as a hog
             So I get brown rice, seaweed
             And a dirty hotdog

Untold:  And the three pages on how to cut up and cook string beans?

Dylan:  Yes, I recalled many years ago when I was Talkin’ World War III Blues …..

             Well, I rung the fallout shelter bell
             And I leaned my head and I gave a yell
             “Give me a string bean, I’m a hungry man”
             A shot gun fired, and away I ran
             I don’t blame them too much though
            They didn’t know me

Untold:  What about those numbered, diagrammed instructions      
               on how to mash potatoes?

Dylan: You see, I’d forgotten how to ….way back when I was heading out for a ‘BYO’ Million Dollar Bash ….

            Well, I looked at my watch
            I looked at my wrist
            Punched myself in my face
            With my fist
            I took my potatoes
            Down to be mashed
            Then I made it over to
            That million dollar bash

Untold: I see a recipe here on page 312 for frying up a crepe suzette.
              Tell  our  readers how you came up with that one, Bob.

Dylan:  It was after an incident at a restaurant, I forget in what town, that this recipe revealed itself to me in my 115th Dream ….

              I went into a restaurant lookin’ for the cook
              I told him I was editor of a famous etiquette book
              The waitress he was handsome, and he wore a
              powder blue cape
              I order up some suzette; I said could you please make
              that crepe
              Just then the whole kitchen exploded from boiling fat
              Food went flyin’ everywhere; I left without my hat

 Untold: You have quite a discussion in your book on how to cook hard-boiled eggs.

 Dylan: Well, to tell you the truth, I was in the Highlands ….

             I’m in Boston town in some restaurant
             I got no idea what I want
             Or maybe I do, but I’m not really sure
             Waitress comes over ….
             I said, “Tell me what I want”
             She say, “You probably want hard-boiled eggs”
             I said, “That’s right, bring me some”
             She looks at me; says, “I’d bring you some
             But we’re out of’em, you’ve picked the wrong place
             to come”

Untold: And what’s the story on your special recipe for home made ice-cream?

Dylan: Well, you can bet your boots of Spanish leather that I’m gonna be better prepared the next time I have a Romance In Durango ….

             Hot chili peppers in the blistering sun
             Me and Magdalena on the run
             I think this time we shall escape

 Untold: I see you have quite a number of recipes for desserts in your book.

 Dylan:  Well, ya know Country Pie just tastes so good ….
              sorry about that stupid spelling mistake in the book ….

              Raspberry, strawberry, lemon, or lime
              What do I care
              Blueberry, apples, cherry, pumpkin,  and plum
              Call me for dinner
              Honey, I’ll be there

 Untold: Eh … thanks, Bob …. We’ll give out the address where our readers can order your cookbook and your etiquette book a bit… later.

 Dylan: Thank you….thank you, thank you so very very much!

              [End of interview]

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  1. Larry! You forgot to ask Bob about the hog-eyed grease in the hog-eyed town. He could have thrown some light on “Ain’t talking’ that I happen to be working on. Can you give a call?

  2. Bob said that he ain’t talkin’, but I did manage to get through to one of Aeneas’ cousins….he wants the shield back.

  3. He once advertised in Reader´s Digest (Fast and easy meals) with the title:

    Why don´t you smash your eggs and tomatoes in the kiiitchen?

    and then this happened:

    “Well, he threw a Reader’s Digest
    At my head and I did run
    I did a somersault
    As I seen him get his gun
    And crashed through the window
    At a hundred miles an hour
    And landed fully blast
    In his garden flowers”

    I have read it in “Motorpsycho Nightmare”

    The first two lines are rumors in a dusty kitchen

  4. Also: ‘Lawrence Ferlinghetti: From Mona Lisa’s Trial To The Reader’s Digest’

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