Dylan referenced authors (other than American, British, Irish and French)

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By Larry Fyffe

Bob Dylan songs often crunch past and present and future time into a singularity.

To give listeners a linear time perspective on British/French poets and writers that Dylan actually or seemingly alludes to in his song lyrics, here are the birth and death dates of writers that I’ve referred to in my articles.

The writers cited are listed in chronological order by date of birth, and in each case followed by a one line summary of their position in literature.  Beneath that is a link to an article (or two) on this site that includes mention of this poet – although please do note that these range from articles that are primarily dedicated to the link between the poet and Bob Dylan, to articles that touch upon the writer in less detail.

We are aware from correspondence both from academics and students that this site is being used for the purposes of studying Bob Dylan’s work, and of course we find that incredibly gratifying.  Indeed we hope that this list might be of help in that work.

All that we ask in return is that if you do utilise this page, or indeed extract data from any other page from this site, you do cite the author of the page and the website “Untold Dylan” as the source.

Homer ( ? – ? BC)
Odessey: Ulyssess journeys home to his faithful wife after victory at Troy

Catullus (84 BC – 54 BC)
Let Us Live And Love: Pleasure and pain of love and certainty of death

*Virgil (70 BC – 19 BC)
Aeneid: Aeneas founds Rome after defeat of Troy

*Ovid (43BC – 18 AD)
Sadness: Ovid’s lonesome exile on the Black Sea

* See also Canterbury Tales: Religious pilgrimage; influence of Virgil and Ovid in Bob Dylan and Geoffrey Chaucer 

Khayyam (1048 – 1131)
Rubaiyat: Zarathustrian one God of Wisdom; free will and individual responsibility; mixed world of order and chaos; solace in earthly pleasures

Rumi (1207 -1273)
The Guest House: Inward union with God through poetry, music and dance

The Great White Wonder: Bob Dylan And Robert Graves

Dante (1265 – 1321)
Divine Comedy: Pilgrimage from hell, through purgatory, to heaven;
influence of Virgil and Ovid

Cervantes (1547 -1616)
Don Quixote: Satire of a chivalrous knight searching for adventure

Swedenborg (1688 – 1772)
The New Jerusalem: Vision of a spiritual age of love on material Earth

Nietzsche (1844 – 1900)
Thus Spake Zarathustra: Eternal recurrence of order (Apollo) and chaos
(Dionysus); Overman seeks truth in their fusion as Christianity is an afterlife slave moraliry; existentialism – individual responsibility in an amoral Universe

Freud (1856 – 1939)
The Interpretation Of Dreams: sexual urges and repression

Conrad (1857 – 1924)
Heart Of Darkness: The horror, madness, and hypocrisy of colonial power

Smart (1913 – 1986)
By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept: Emotional power of sexual love

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