Bob Dylan And The Dylavinci Code (Part XVI) and an index to the videos

The series (which continues two or three times a week on Untold Dylan) contains not only the exposition of the Dylavinic Code but also a series of videos that illuminate the thesis.

Most of these videos are cover versions, and now for the first time, at the foot of this article, we have an index to the (mostly) cover versions of Dylan songs incorporated in the Dylavinci Code series.  Just click on any of the links and you will be taken to the article wherein you can click on the video.   We’ll be updating this list as the series continues.

But first, today’s article.

by Larry Fyffe

The breaking of the Dylavinci Code shows that Bob Dylan travels way back in time, and takes on the persona of Jesus.

In the song lyrics below, we learn that initially Jesus really loves Mary Magdalene, but resents the interference of her mother Eucharis, and Maggie’s seemingly ‘older’ sister, the more aggressive Martha (a good cook though she be).

Both her sister and mother are concerned about the outcome of Maggie’s relationship with Jesus.

As we have already seen, the Code reveals that the couple eventually end up in Morocco with their girl-child after Jesus and Mary with her brother Lazarus and sister Martha journey to France:

I once loved a girl, her skin it was bronze
With the innocence of a lamb, she was gentle like a fawn
I courted her proudly, but now she is gone
Gone as the season she's taken
In a young summer's youth, I stole her away
From her mother and sister, though close did they stay
Each one of them suffering from the failures of their day
With strings of guilt they tried hard to guide us
(Bob Dylan: Ballad In Plain D)

Certainly, a different story than told in the Holy Bible where Jesus is depicted as the sacrificial Lamb:

The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him
And saith, "Behold the Lamb of God
Which taketh away the sin of the world"
(John 1: 29)

So dear reader you have to decide if it be I or the Bible that’s telling the truth … whilst noting that Rosemary sacrifices herself in the song “Lily,  Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts.”

To be perfectly honest, it was with the assistance of my computer ‘Fat Nancy’ that I was able to figure out the Code embedded in Dylan’s song lyrics.

So it’s a tough decision to make, that’s for sure.

Uncovered too is that the following song lyrics be an allegory, the boss is Jesus; the lady, Mary Magdalene:

It was late last night when the boss came home
To a deserted mansion and a desolate throne
Servant said, "Boss, the lady's gone
She left this morning, just 'fore dawn"
(Bob Dylan: Tin Angel)

The boss tracks down Maggie, but her husband, the Boss, is shot down by Henry Lee, her lover, and she, in turn, stabs Henry; then stabs herself to death.

Poor Henry:

His knees went limp, and he reached for the door
His doom was sealed, he slid to the floor
He whispered into her ear, "This is all your fault
My fighting days have come to a halt"
(Bob Dylan: Tin Angel)

In the song above, Henry, Mary’s lover, ends up dead, wrapped in white linen, as cold as the clay.

Again quite unlike the biblical story told:

Jesus saith unto her
"Woman, why weepest thou
Whom seekest thou?"
She, supposing him to be the gardener
Saith unto him, Sir, if thou have borne him hence
Tell me where you have laid him
And I will take him away"
Jesus saith unto her, "Mary"
She turned herself, and saith unto him
"Raboni", which is to say 'Master'
(John 20: 15,16)

It’s clear that Joker Jesus either sends a look-alike Libyan in His place to find Mary, and do the dirty work; or Jesus is simply unkillable.

In any event, Mary is tricked, like mythological Semele by Hera, into killing herself.


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  1. It’s easy to make up any conspiracy crap if you are bent on doing so. History exists, for sure but not all of it is true, even biblical history is full of myths. Why would Dylan not use history in any way he wishes to and can? I write songs and use historical events, people etc and I am a minion.

  2. Surely you are not intimating that my computer Fat Nancy’s breaking of the hermetic Dylavinci Code is a bunch of “crap”(lol).

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