Dylan Cover of the Day 14: Black Crow Blues (more fun than you might recall)

By Tony Attwood

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Of course that comment in the title that “it’s more fun than you might recall” is just my opinion, but it is a fact that I never really thought much of “Black Crow Blues” when first released on “Another Side”.  It sounded to me like a quickly written filler for the album.

But obviously, what do I know?  That comment is probably more a reflection on what I would have done, and besides maybe it is an important art work and the piano has to sound like that.   Anyway, it’s not an issue that has bothered me that much and I’m not sure too many other people have written in pointing out the artistic merits of the piece.

If you haven’t got a copy of Another Side, and you want to remind yourself of just what the original was like, it is of course on Spotify, but beware, the other songs of the same title on Spotify are not Dylan’s Black Crows.

But if you ain’t got Spotify or can’t be arsed to search,  you could go to this link and scroll down to the word “Description” and there it is – you can play it to your heart’s content.

And there is a second Dylan version here… and I much prefer this….

So, now we are all up to speed, what about the covers? I hear you demand.

There are actually very few (in fact just one that is playable) which is why I have been taking up your time with Dylanistic versions.  But now we have been through it all, here’s the only cover version I know.

Now that performance really can get me listening to the old 12 bar blues again.

Per Frost don’t seem to have a website per se (at least the old one that I know about appears to have vanished into the stratosphere) but they do have a Facebook page


And I’m going to point out one other performance of their’s which I really do like.  It is gentle, simple, and it really does work.

It’s from the album “Per Frost” made in 1990 and you can read about it here.

So there we are, another Dylan Cover of the Day.  The series really does seem to have legs!  If you have been, thank you for reading.  And listening.

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  1. Better with lyrics that give meaning to match the mood of the music:

    Black cows in the meadow
    Sleeping across the broad highway
    A big diesel truck came rolling down slow
    I know it’s all very funny, honey
    But I don’t feel much like milking them cows today

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