Dylan cover of the day: Black Diamond Bay – you won’t believe who’s playing this

By Tony Attwood

I can’t understand why there are so few cover versions of Black Diamond Bay around… although judging by the few that I have found this afternoon one reason might be that it’s a difficult song to perform.  The renditions are ok, but nothing really shines out.

However there is one cover version that really, really ought to be better known and that is Jacques Levy’s own version with Jacques on piano.  I have a feeling that this is the only recording available of him playing the song.

In fact I know that at one stage I had an email from a close relative of Jacques Levy, thanking me for digging this out, as he didn’t have a copy, and indeed didn’t even know of its existence.

Listen to the piano – it really is adventurous and reflects the fun of the lyrics.

And yes I know Mr Levy was co-composer, so it’s not really a 100% cover but this is so much fun I don’t really mind.  I value this recording so much – not just because it is fun, but also because I really do think it is a great co-composition.

Meanwhile – if you are thinking of going to listen for any other versions of the song, unless I’ve missed something, I wouldn’t bother.  The few that are out there, are ok, but really don’t say anything new, nor are they particularly entertaining.

According to the official site, Bob only performed it once in public – that in 1976 – but really listen to the piano and just think of the fun one can have with this.  Ok it’s Levy and not Dylan, but still it is hilarious, original, excellently constructed, and well, just so enjoyable.

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  1. Very cool…this is the first time I really listened to this song. And I agree about the sense of humor. What a story! Reminded me of “Lily, Rosemary, & the Jack of Hearts.” Thank you!

  2. I won’t believe that a guy who co-wrote the song is playing it? Thanks for sharing, but let’s back off from the clickbait title!

  3. Jesse, I am sorry you didn’t get the reference. The point is that until this was uncovered there was no recording of the co-composer playing and singing the song. Indeed even his relatives didn’t know the recording existed until we found it. And besides, if you think that title is clickbait, I am not sure you fully understand the concept.

  4. Just found this – a revelation. I knew of Mr. Levy’s many talents, but not as a singer and piano player. Terrific.

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