Bob Dylan Cover of the Day: You will not believe this… 115th Dream revisited

By Tony Attwood

When I started this little series I had no idea where it would go – just that I had a feeling that some artists had really done a few interesting things with Dylan songs.

But Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream – a cover version?  Really?  Well, yes, and not just one, but actually three.  Or at least three that appealed to me as I was meandering through the archives and websites.

Asobi Seksu are first: they existed for about ten years in the early part of this century.  At first in sketching this note I wrote, “It’s not something I am going to come back to that much in the future, but it really took me by surprise and I enjoyed the listen.”  But that’s wrong.  Haven’t finished the article and listened to the two pieces that follow, I do want to come back to this – and indeed listening to it for a second time, I find more in it than I thought…

Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues Band do something closer to the original, but with a few nice variations.

And then Tito Schipa Jr.

In 1970 he created the Italian rock opera Orfeo 9, which then became a movie, and an album.  And ten years later, a rock adaptation of Donizetti’s opera Don Pasquale.

The Dylan connection came in 1988 with the release of Dylaniato, with the songs performed in Italian and the Romanesco dialect.  Tito Schipa has since translated Dylan’s complete works as well as working as an actor, writer for broadcast media and theatre director.

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