Dylan songs of the 1980s

Dylan songs in Chronological Order of writing (not in the order of recording)

On this site there are reviews of Dylan’s compositions from all parts of his life, up to the most recent writings, but of late I have been trying to put these into chronological order, and fill in the gaps as I work.   Originally there was one file, but this got so large I am now breaking it down into decades.

The Bob Dylan Project is a jukebox of every Dylan song – and like Untold Dylan it is free.  I hope you enjoy that site too, as they have found us, and adopted us (so to speak).

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The 80s…



Please note that 1981 is a singularly difficult year to analyse with many songs being mentioned, seemingly recorded, and then lost.  Several if not many of these songs will vanish from the list I’m sure, as I try to find copies, and maybe one or two others will be referred to me by readers taking an interest – for which I am always very grateful.


Much of the dating of when Dylan wrote songs comes from his touring, in which newly produced songs are recorded in hotel rooms or tried out during the sound checks before a concert.   But during 1982 Dylan stopped touring, and as far as I can read the situation, stopped writing.  It is quite possible that the first few songs on the list below were written in 1982, but it is hard to tell how many, hence 1982 and 1983 are loaded together.