Dylan Cover of the Day: Changing of the Guard

By Tony Attwood

I was quite looking forward to this afternoon’s break from the day job, knowing that the next song on the agenda for “cover of the day” was “Caribbean Wind” and although I found two covers, neither really added anything to Dylan’s recordings of the song.  They’re perfectly fine, but simply don’t take us somewhere new in our understanding of the song.  A shame, but then we do have multiple versions from Bob himself.

But if you know a cover of the song that really does give a new perspective, and which is on the internet, please do write to me: Tony@schools.co.uk

So I move on and having moved I thought for a moment I was going to run into the same problems with the next title: “Changing of the Guards”.   For here again I found just a few covers that really are just reiterating the original.

However, then I stumbled across this

At first I wasn’t at all convinced, but I am really glad I stayed with it, as it became more interesting, more enjoyable and basically more entertaining as it developed.

Elsewhere, I was not sure Patti Smith’s cover was her strongest contribution but of course, I left it playing and certainly it does develop gently and grows and certainly needs a listen.  The accompaniment changes, harmonies are added, and all the time that constant rhythm guitar keeps us so aware that no matter how the guard changes, underneath it is all the same.

So, somewhat later than usual I feel I’ve found a couple of new insights.  I hope you enjoy them.


The series so far…

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  1. Tony you may never read this but that cut off dislocation blues was for me was definitely a new perspective. I like it .

  2. Hi Tony,
    first of all all I‘d like to thank you for your effort over the years, I really love to follow what you call your „ramblings“ about certain subjects within the Dylan-Universe.
    Regarding Changing of the Guards and it‘s available Covers: Your first link doesn‘t work in my Country, so could you please tell me the Artist‘s name, so I may get a chance to listen?
    Or is it maybe this one?


    If not, you may enjoy listening, I think it‘s really a Highlight-Dylan-Cover…

    And this one even more:


    Greetings from Germany,

  3. Thank you. That first cover version has gone in the UK as well. And it was really stupid of me not to note who it was by, so I can’t go back and trace it for you – and for me and indeed all of us. I am thinking however that when the series is finished as it nearly is, I will go back and check the links and also look for new recordings. Really sorry.

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