Bob Dylan and the Dylavinci code part XXV

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By Larry Fyffe

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Cracking the Dylavinci Code, demonstates that, by taking on the persona of Jesus, the singer/songwriter/musician essentially writes the Third Testament to the Holy Bible.

Jesus therein contains multitudes; all mixed up in confusion.

Christ is the son of Roman soldier Panther and Mother Mary,  she’s  married to carpenter Joseph.

Mother Mary also has a child by Cyrus of Magdala who’s  married to Eucharis – the child’s name, Mary Magdalene.

Jesus marries Mary Magdalene, akin to a legitimate half-sister. This incestuous relationship produces daughter Sophia.

Cyrus and Eucharis are the parents of Martha and Lazarus; their two offspring akin to a step-sister and step-brother of Jesus.

Had Jesus married Martha instead, there’d be a weaker blood  connection in any offspring produced. But trouble still for sure.

So it’s clear that Saint Jerome gets it all wrong. There is no ‘original sin’ because of disobedience to God since in order to obey the command to be fruitful and multiply, Adam and Eve  have to commit incest with their offspring.

Everlasting guilt comes out to play with them because they obey God’s command.

Adam can’t get pregnant so he’s got no choice in the matter – he presses on in the higher calling of the Lord, God given Adam the Devil’s reign.

The singer/songwriter puts on the mask of Adam in the song lyrics quoted beneath:

Oh what dear daughter beneath the sun
Would treat a father so
To wait upon him hand and foot
And always tell him 'no'
Tears of rage, tears of grief
Why must I always be the thief
(Bob Dylan: Tears Of Rage ~ Dylan/Manuel)

Incest’s a problem for the  authorities. As we have seen, they are out to ‘get’ Jesus and Magdalene in order to put an end to any strong blood-line-contender that would surely undermine the ‘rock’ that holds up the authority of the organized Church, that ‘rock’ being Saint Peter:

Aim well my little one
We may not make it through the night

(Bob Dylan: Romance In Durango ~ Dylan/Levy)

As the Code unravels, Christ (He’s a little confused I remember well) locks Magdalene inside the Sphinx, and hides out in Utah with their daughter.

There’s trouble ahead; trouble behind.

As she grows up, daughter Sophia, who’s got her mother’s eyes, and drinks champagne, becomes a prophet for a religion in Utah that proclaims Christ is coming soon to a theatre in Salt Lake City.

All Jesus wants is a few crumbs, and a place to hide.

Nevertheless, the singer/songwriter, well dressed in the colourful cloak of Jesus, is determined to be a good daddy to Mother Mary’s granddaughter.

As proclaimed in the song lyrics below:

Come fathers and mothers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize what you don't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
(Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A--Changing)


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