A Dylan cover a Day: Don’t think twice

By Tony Attwood

OK this is where it gets a bit silly.  There are so many many many covers of Don’t think twice that it is impossible to say this is the best, or anything remotely like that.  Except that is what I am going to do at the end of this piece.

But in case you don’t like it I’ll offer three others first…

There are two covers we have mentioned before on this site which have been in my favourites list for quite a long while, having kindly had them pointed out by readers of Untold, and I want to remind you of them.  The first is just beautifully simple…

and the second is one that just sounds perfectly right in every regard.  Sheeran doesn’t try, he just knows it is a beautiful song and offers it with due respect and understanding and in a most understated way.

So, those are two versions we have discovered before from the hundreds available.  Here are two more recorded in the last year or two.  First DylanGrass – an album from the Grassmasters.   I’m not a bluegrass fan, but this is laid back and gentle and I can enjoy this as the sun sets.

And now the one track that I really wanted to send your way: a version released this year, and my newfound friend in relation to this wonderful song.  A recording by  Sachal Vasandani and Romain Collin.

Sachal Vasandani is a jazz vocal improviser who just has that way of singing that makes his voice something very special.  Here he works with French pianist, Romain Collin, who is well-known on the New York jazz scene for his innovative playing.

If that doesn’t make you want to play the song again, well, sorry, because that is what I am doing.

There are hundreds and hundreds of covers of this song – but this Sachal Vasandani and Romain Collin version is the one that does it for me.


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