Dylan cover a day 34: Country Pie

By Tony Attwood

Not a Dylan song I particularly care about, and when this ramble through Dylan songs (which rather obviously is being undertaken in alphabetical order) got to Country Pie I suspected this was going to be another song I’d miss out on.

But as ever I didn’t simply trust to my rapidly declining powers of memory, and so went a-looking, and to my surprise found a couple of covers that are quite jolly and fun and add something to the original – in my view.

Charlie Daniels from 2014 gives it that bit of fun and nonsense that the song seems to need.  Charlie passed away just over a year ago at the ripe age (for a musician with multiple hits) of 83.  Incidentally, he co-wrote “It Hurts Me” for Elvis Presley.  Now there’s a thing.

The other is a singularly chaotic Fairport Convention version…

I knew a few members of the band in the very early days – they of course won’t remember me, but it means I always have a soft spot for them.


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