Dylan cover a day: Duquesne Whistle

By Tony Attwood

If you have been following this little series you may have noticed that I have meandered somewhat, moving out of the strict alphabetical order occasionally, to go back to songs I missed, and then mistakenly written a review of a song’s covers already covered.

I’ve now tried to sort this list out somewhat …

The next one on my list was Drifter’s Escape, but I’ve already done an article on that before thinking of this series – so I’ve listed that piece above, and updated a link or two that had gone missing within the article.

All of which meandering brings me to Duquesne Whistle – which is fortunate because there is one and only one cover version that needs to be played.  For it is so, so good, no one surely could ever take this song any further.  And why would they even try?

Just sit back and enjoy the sheer fun, liveliness and pleasure that this song in this interpretation is.


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