Untold Dylan

Bob Dylan And The Dylavinci Code (Part XXVII)

by Larry Fyffe

Code broken in song lyrics, clues hidden among moderisms,  reveal that singer/songer/musician Bob Dylan takes on personas that often speak as or of Jesus Christ.

The song beneath tells of the return of Jesus to the shores of New England with His baby girl; she born in France.

When she’s old enough to understand, her father tells Sophia that her mother Maggie once met playwright William Shakespeare in an alleyway.

A bit of a mouthy braggart, the “Son of God”  would announce Himself as “The King of France”, because He was  mocked as “The King of the Jews” before He escaped a public execution by Roman authorities:

Let me tell you about the King Of France
When he come to the USA
There was hungry people, and when by him
They could hear he had something to say
Well he opened his mouth
And he looked down
And the hungry people did shout

(Bob Dylan: The King Of France)

Further to completing a character sketch of Christ, Dylan as Jesus boasts to his daughter that He convinces King Richard of England to become lion-hearted, and command a Third Crusade to the Holy Land:

Little Richard in a two-story house
Hey little Richard, poor little Richard
Little Richard's gonna climb on out
Hey little Richard, poor little Richard
Little Richard's gonna climb with me
Little Richard is fine with me
(Bob Dylan: Hey Little Richard)

Jesus plays a dangerous game by giving His presence away in America. But what the heck, Christ’s a-gonna deke down South; then  head up North to join a group of Mormons heading out West in a wagon train.

The following song lyrics describe how Jesus with baby Sophia journey all the way to Salt Lake City – with thoughts of His Holy Mama on His mind, and St. Peter’s posse on His trail:

So rock me, mama, like a wagon wheel
Rock me, mama, any way you feel
Hey, mama, rock me
Rock me, mama, like the wind and the rain
(Darius Rucker: Wagon Wheel ~ Dylan/Secor)

It ain’t easy having the burden to save all mankind from themselves thrust upon one’s shoulders.

Jesus would rather live a peace-filled life in Utah.

Father Jesus explains to his daughter that He brings her mother’s “half-brother” back to life after he’s shot down by the High Sheriff’s posse (Eucharis and Cyrus, being the parents of Lazarus; meanie Cyrus has an affair with Mother Mary that results in the birth of Mary Magdalene):

And Lazarus, his poor mother
Come walking down the road
Crying, "My only son, my only son"
(Bob Dylan: Poor Lazarus ~ Dylan/traditional)

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  1. ***Corrected:

    Let me tell you a story about the King of France
    When he come to the USA
    There was a hungry people a-waiting for him
    And did he have something to say
    Well he opened his mouth
    And he looked down
    And a hundred people did shout
    Bob Dylan: The King Of France)

  2. Take note that the lyrics given above to King of France are still not all correct….among others, there should be “Thinking he had something to say”

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