A Dylan cover a Day: From a Buick 6

by Tony Attwood

I’m cheating up to a point.   Jochen found the Ken Hamm version of this song – but the link we put up when he wrote his review has now disintegrated, so I’ve found another one.  Now you can listen again, or for the first time.

This is what doing a cover is all about.  Thinking what the song is… by which I mean what the essence of it is, and think what you are doing with that essence.  That doesn’t mean that one can’t change what is going on, but it does mean knowing why you are doing it, rather than just trying something for the sake of being different.

This version does that totally.

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  1. Great version. Pleased to find it. I really like Richmond Fontaine’s interpretation – doomy, ragged, relentless.

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