Bob Dylan And The Dylavinci Code (Part XXVIII)

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by Larry Fyffe

According to the Dylavinci Code, Jesus Christ meets up with Mary Magdalene in “the land of oaks”.

In the song lyrics below, He thinks of mama, who is also the mother of Magdalene, which biologically makes Maggie and JC  “half-siblings”.

Clear away the mixing in of modern technology like the railway train, and it’s obvious that pregnant Magdalene (‘my woman’), and time-traveller Dylan, transfigured into the form of Christ, rendezvous in France:

I can hear a sweet voice gently calling
Must be the mother of our Lord
Listen to the Duquesne whistle blowing
Blowing like my woman's on board
(Bob Dylan: Duquesne Whistle ~ Dylan/Hunter)

So far we realize that Lazarus is restored back to life, and  Martha feeds the Saviour well; Jesus is present to be with Magdalene at His daughter’s birth.

Then He leaves to distract Church authorities away from the location (this is speculation as no other hidden clues are left behind in any song lyrics to assure the code-busters that their reconstruction of the timeline is right on).

Religious authorities have accused the couple of having a “Roderick/Madeline Usher relationship”.

In the following song lyrics that accompany a movie produced  in Durango, Mexio, Jesus (aka ‘Billy’) is depicted as an outlaw of the Old West in America – on the run with Mary Magdalene (aka “Maria”) before they escape to France:

Playing around with some sweet senorita
Into her dark hallway, she will lead you
To the shadows of the mesa, she will greet you
Billy, you're so far away from home
(Bob Dylan: Billy)

There are so-called ‘Dylanologists’ who hold to a different decipher of the Divinity Code. They claim that Jesus brings His wife back with Him to New England along with the child.

Based on the song lyrics below in which Christ (aka Jack Astor) saves pregnant wife Madelene after the Titanic hits the iceberg.

Jesus, because He cannot die, or else because He disguises Himself as a woman and is allowed into a lifeboat, makes it to  shore; contrary to the finding of Astor’s drowned body:

The rich man Mr. Astor
Kissed his darling wife
He had no way of knowing
Be the last day of his life

Perhaps misled by their reading of the following quote:

The companion of the Saviour is Mary Magdalene
And He often kissed her on the lips
(Gospel Of Philip)

Such an interpretation does not hold water because Jack’s wife Madelene gives birth to a male child once safely back home. The true interpretation, as demonstrated, be that Jesus travels alone to Utah with baby Sophia Sarah wrapped up warmly in swaddling clothes.

Just goes to show that many of Bob Dylan’s songs are subjected to misinterpretation.

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