Dylan cover a day: I’ll be your baby tonight

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By Tony Attwood

If this song has to be anything, it has to be fun.  Which means a lilting beat and beautiful harmonies.  Or delicate.  Or beautiful.  Or smooth.  Or lilting… which explains why this is so successful a song.  It can be what you make it.

Just let this track play and enjoy the perfection as well as the smoothness…  It is by the Shaken Bakers, of whom I know next to nothing – if you know please fill in a comment and tell me more.

By way of contrast Dennis Bono turns the song into something utterly different.  Dennis Bono, was noted as “the consummate interpreter of the Great American Songbook,” by the Chicago Tribune as “a thoroughbred singer, born and bred to sing.”

It doesn’t do much for me, but that’s just me.   It’s the other end of the spectrum from the Shaken Bakers.

Many of the hundreds of recordings of this song are just obvious in what they do, relying on us knowing the song and accepting it as background music.

But some, like those above, make the effort, and in that category we must include Clare Teal and Her Mini Big Band.  A really good middle eight, and a suitably understated use of the full band.

Just one more to show what people with musical imagination (as opposed to people who do the obvious) can actually do with a Dylan song.  It’s not revolutionary, but it has its own beauty, and there are moments in life (if you are very lucky) when it applies.  By the end, chances are, you are ready to fall asleep in her arms.

If you have been, thanks for reading.

Here’s a list of most of the articles from this series…

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