A Dylan cover a day: Quit your lowdown ways, backwards in time

By Tony Attwood

This first version is by Dave & The Biscuit Rollers, a band whose style is known as “high-powered bluegrass music.”   And yes it is.  It’s a really fun mix of harmonies, excellent harmonies and just plain fun.  I really love it.  In fact it makes it quite clear that you need quality musicians to make this work.

Also someone had fun finding pictures of dissolute behaviour throughout history – and a few other odds and ends.

And the great thing about the song is that it has so many possibilities.  Take this for example

And yet another variation – and what I really enjoy is the fact that each one of these interpretations works in its own way without feeling it has been forced out of the original.  Each could be, in fact, where the song started from.

For reasons that will not become clear at this time I’m working backwards in time with these covers.    I don’t particularly remember the Hollies with great affection – but really maybe I ought to be re-assessing them if there is much more in their back catalogue as good as this…

Which leads us all the way back to Peter Paul and Mary – and yes this too is great fun with the harmony and speed working together perfectly.

And actually going backwards in time has a purpose because unless you have a perfect memory for everything Dylan has done, it can come as a little bit of a surprise just what Bob himself did with the song.

Actually it makes me think – maybe going backwards through the covers is not at all a bad idea.


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